I was too short to be a storm trooper.

A questionable youth.
We follow our protagonist as she pursues her dreams to be a great filmmaker, while traversing the world of Nerddom, surrounded by comic books and internet memes, while simultaneously managing to be completely rad and totally boss.

Or whatever idk..

Female. 23. Buffalo. Former RA, Barista, artist, filmmaker, writer.

I like too many movies, and too many books and comics, video games, corgis, shibas, gory things, sharks, rocks, hair dye, fashion, flat faced cats, and the internet. .

I've lived in Memphis, TN; Buffalo, NY, and Mitaka, Tokyo, Japan. :]
-xoxo Roman
House Stark

Shayne Plays Skyrim: A love story
Art Inspiration!
KT Plays..
My Art
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I did some silly little sketches of Paul 

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